“My music — actually, all great music — should be totally conversational, so we have a great back-and-forth as we share this knowledge, and there are no constraints due to a lack of vocabulary. The same goes for Jeff Pittson, who is a great jazz pianist and organist. He played on my CD with Paul Jackson, The Funk Stops Here, featuring Kenny Garrett. His knowledge of harmony and history allows him to write interesting and challenging music. As far as playing, he is one of the best there is. And he has great chops!”

Mike Clark


“Pittson tells a compelling story from the piano.”

Robin Tolleson


“… A superb pianist …”

Philip Elwood

San Francisco Chronicle

“… outstanding piano … Jeff Pittson is such a good piano player.”

Haybert Houston

Jazz Now Magazine 

“… captivating …”

Jack Burke

The Daily News

“… outstanding …”

Lee Hildebrand

“… energy and chops to spare.”

The Penguin Guide to Jazz

“… a muscular supportive accompanist and a crack soloist.”

Zan Stewart


“… a marvelously talented pianist with a light touch at the keyboard.”

Joel Roberts

CD Review

“Jeff Pittson single-handedly gave the rest of the band a run for their money in terms of chops, compositions and accompaniment.”

Richie Begin

Good Times

    “As for the album [Go Where It’s Dangerous] … the power is palpable and it has the impact of a summer breeze. It’s very active, always changing directions, and, in the best moments, very warm. You’ll want to be there be it dangerous or otherwise.”

John Barrett Jr.

Jazz Improv

“It’s just piano and drums but it sounds so big. A very interesting keyboard man than can write solid tunes but still step aside to do “Godfather;” the depth of this date is sure to please genre fans. Compelling work that is sure to win new friends and fans.”

Midwest Record Recap

on Go Where Its Dangerous

“[Go Where It’s Dangerous] maintains creativity that never lapses into a simple contemporary sound.”

Bob Karlovitz

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

“… always a pleasure to hear … makes for compelling listening.”

David M. Meyers

Davis Enterprise, Davis CA

“… cool sounds … mind expanding …”

Jeff Kaliss

“On Pittson’s brilliantly produced Go Where It’s Dangerous, he plays piano, claviola, ocarina, bass, percussion, and sampler … a sonically spacious and multi-textured recording that goes beyond jazz without falling into any known fusion trap.”

Dirk Richardson

Critics Choice San Francisco Bay Guardian

“Jeff Pittson explored … exotic harmonies with blazing technique.”

Robert Tate

Jazz Magazine

“… dazzling …”

Chuck Berg


“… hard swinging …”

Wayne Saroyan

The Oakland Tribune

    “Jeff Pittson is deep. Having just released his latest CD on Vineland Records titled, “Go Where It’s Dangerous,” he is not only one of Northern California’s finest jazz pianists but a force to be reckoned with. The Bay Area, long fertile with unmatched creativity and innovation, can be more than proud of its latest talent. In the words of Dr. Patrick Gleeson, this CD is “not for the faint-hearted.” It is for the complete lover of jazz. Jeff Pittson, the jazz pianist, scholar, sideman, composer, and just outright jazz heavyweight, plays abundantly with guest artist Wally Schnalle on what is one the the best jazz piano CD’s of its genre.

Paula Edelstein

Jazz Review